The latest book I’ve copy edited highlighted a few ‘features’ of Fireworks and Dreamweaver.

If you export a PNG file with a pop-up menu as HTML from Fireworks, and have the CSS option turned on, then, when you import it into Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver will not recognise some of the Fireworks-generated JavaScript functions. This means you can’t edit the pop-up menu from inside Dreamweaver…

…not that you’d want to, because, if you do, any edits will be lost if you later decide to edit the PNG containing the pop-up menu in Fireworks.

Even if you do round-trip your pop-up menu edits (from Dreamweaver to Fireworks and back) as Macromedia recommends, sometimes there’s a problem: Dreamweaver doesn’t always delete the old menu JavaScript; it just inserts the new one first in the document. Therefore your HTML document ends up with two mmLoadMenus() function definitions. Since the new one gets inserted first, it is ignored in favour of the second one.

The general advice, from those in the know on Usenet, seems to be to avoid using Fireworks/Dreamweaver pop-up menus altogether.