I’ve recently set up the website predictionleague.co.uk for the forthcoming FIFA World Cup 2006. People can create accounts and predict the results of the matches, competing against one another to come top of the league!

The downside is that I have to manually enter the results of each game. It would be nice if I could do this soon after the end of each match, but I won’t always be in front of my PC. In fact, I’ll probably be in the pub for some of these.

I can access the Internet through my mobile phone (some ancient Motorola model), but it bombs out on any pages over a certain size (say about 50K). I tried calling Orange for advice, but they didn’t really know what the answer was. I thought that perhaps it was an account setting to protect me against high mobile phone bills, but I guess it’s just built into the phone (presumably the size of the cache). Incidentally, Motorola’s site gives instructions about how to find out the model number of your phone – they didn’t work on my model, which just goes to show how old it is.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, I’ve found the website skweezer.net which will, free of charge, chop up any website into manageable chunks. Furthermore, it will strip out the images as well. It seems to work very well.

A service so good that, if it didn’t already exist, I’d have to invent it :-)